JS Client API

Retrieving Attachments

Retrieving attachments
Attachments should be retrieved in 2 steps:
  1. 1.
    getting the attachment UUID from the object's field . e.g: Transaction.TSAMyImage1
  2. 2.
    call pepperi.api.attachments.get ( while search can be used to get multiple images of certain item or category)

Get single attachment and list of attachments

Attachments are retrieved like a standard resource - the difference is in their optional fields and their response :
pepperi.api.attachments.get( { key:{UUID: ""}, fields:["UUID", "URI", "URL"]} )
{ UUID : "659a8f38-9f8a-4286-b3dd-1973dd8c35b2",
URI : ""
URL: "" }
Getting list of attachments :
pepperi.api.attachments.search (
fields:["UUID", "URI", "URL"],
filter: { ApiName: "URL", Operation : "Contains",
Values : ["MyItem"]} ,
{success: true, objects:
[ {UUID: "aefb523e-74ac-4041-8bb1-a76a3b5e78d8" , URI:"" ,URL:"" },
{UUID: "aefb523e-74ac-4041-8bb1-a76a3b5e78d8" , URI:"" ,URL:"" }
] }
URI: In case of native app it will return the base64 of the Binary Content in data-URI format (embedded base64 URI)
URL: Will always return the attachment's web URL- no matter what is the app type - web or native